Seminar Schedule



10:30-11:15     Medical Care and the Lawlearn your legal rights as a  patient for you and your loved ones.  Robert Fallarino, Esq. –  Pegalis & Erickson Attorneys at Law

11:30-12:15     Special Needs Trusts and Estate Planning – families who  have a family member with a disability must plan for the future very carefully.  How assets are left after your death can have a
tremendous impact on the quality of life for that person.  Barton P. Levine, Esq. – The Law Offices of Barton P. Levine

12:30-1:15       Creating a Special Life Care Financial Plan – financial planning for the care of your loved one with special needs.   Scott Zuckerman, (ChFC®), (CFS®), (CLU®), (ChSNC®) – Wexford Financial Strategies

1:30-2:15         Early Childhood Services – Early intervention, preschool special education and community resources. Carolyn  Gammerman, M.S., Director – Long Island Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC)

2:30-3:15         Inclusion in the General Education Classroom – benefits of inclusion programming and strategies for navigating existing systems that lead to successful educational experiences.  Kathleen Feeley, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Associate Professor of Education in the Department of Special Education and Literary at LIU Post – Long Island Parent Center (LIPC)

3:30-4:15         Medical Care and the Lawlearn your legal rights as a patient for you and your loved ones.  Robert Fallarino, Esq. –  Pegalis & Erickson Attorneys at Law



10:30-11:15      Navigating Through Government Systems for OPWDD Stacey Astachovsky, MSW – FEGS Fair Program Special Needs

11:30-12:15      Protecting the Rights of Children – to ensure that each child receives the proper services and accommodations in public and private school setting under federal and state law.  Sara Bostwick, Esq. – The Law Office of Steven A. Morelli       

12:30-1:15        NAET – Allergy Elimination Technique – combining a  number of healing disciplines, including acupuncture, chiropractic and kinesiology.  NAET is a holistic technique  scientifically proven to eliminate allergies and reverse  conditions such as Autism, ADD, ADHD and others in a safe,  effective and holistic manner.  Dr. Cecilia Yee and Dr. Susan Cunningham – Chiropractors

1:30-2:15         Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors at Home – Susan G. Izeman, PhD, Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral Level – Kids Learning Loft

2:30-3:15        Wills, Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts – how planning affects Medicaid.  Vivian Garrastegui, Esq. – Schneider & Garrastegui , PLLC

3:30-4:15        Transitioning to Adult Services –. Learn about  Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS) and Individualized Supports and Services (ISS) in order to assist you or your family member with an IDD to live the life they choose.  Denise Walsh, Assistant Director Self-Directed Services – AHRC/Citizens

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