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As one of the founders of Special Needs Expos, Inc. I figured I would write our first blog post.  I’m often asked, how did this whole idea come to fruition?  I am financial planner by trade (President and CEO of Wexford Financial Strategies) and one of only a few hundred Chartered Special Needs Consultants in the country.  One of my specialties is working on helping families plan for the future who have children or loved ones with special needs.

I was witnessing a common theme amongst my clients who didn’t know where to turn for resources for their loved ones.  As an advocate for the family and an avid networker, I found myself making recommendations to other trusted resources I collaborate with.  I knew this was not enough and something had to be created on a much larger scale.

Jamie Young, my other partner and my Aunt, knew this was a passion of mine and our family and found a free directory of special needs resources (Special Needs 4 Special Kids) in the local library.  She gave it to me, and I took it upon myself to call the publisher, Heather Angstreich who is the third partner in Special Needs Expos.

The three of us got together and decided we needed to bring something BIG to the special needs community and this is how we started.  All three of us are immediately affected by a loved one who has special needs and value the importance of valuable resources, information and education.

The goal of our first expo was to have thirty exhibitors (providers) and one hundred attendees.  We exceeded this goal by bringing the Long Island special needs community 137 exhibitors with about 3000 in attendance.  We saw the success and the need and that year we produced another show in New York City and now in our second year of business just produced a show in Teaneck, New Jersey and next week in Tarrytown, New York.

Together, we are hoping to produce expos nationwide, where we can provide the ever-growing special needs community with what they deserve.  We are always open to suggestions, ideas and comments and hope we can continue to change people’s lives.

We invite you to join our website as a free member to take advantage of our forums, provider directory and our buddy area where you can make new friends.  Please don’t keep us a secret……

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  1. Siddekgra Williams

    Need an Adovate to place my child in a better suitable autism program in New Jersey but out of Newark can u please assit me with help or More help cause Span Network did not help much and The Education Law dd not help as well my district is trying to hold my child in this district. Please email me with any reliable source.Thanks autism Site.

  2. testmm@mailinator.com t

    three of us got together One of my specialties is working on helping families and decided we needed to bring something, thanks